Well, things have definitely slowed down as they do during the school year. Most definitely me making regular posts.

Despite the lack of updates, I have still been painting. The biggest chore for the fall was to work out the images to use for my show in Chapel Hill this September. I prepared almost 10 panels for painting and have another 6 or so to prepare when needed. Two new paintings have been completed for the show and a third one started.

There are a few calls for artists out there I'm looking into; otherwise, most of my efforts are focused on preparing for September's show. I need to have 10 to 20 pieces ready to go and I'm not even half way there. Yikes!

PSĀ  - If you are looking for more regular updates and want previews of the Chapel Hill show, you can also find me on Facebook @treymooreart and on Instagram as tr8moore

A painting from this past summer. Reminds me of Wyeth's "Christina's World."

The Broad River, Chimney Rock, NC. From a photograph taken last January.

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